Short Bio

I have completed a master’s in Data Science at Warsaw University of Technology. My main area of research is in the music generation and analysis using Deep Learning techniques. I’m both passionate about freedom of scientific research with systematic and well-constructed methodology and business approach with innovative project management.

I’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2019. During my bachelor’s degree, I’ve learned a lot about software engineering and algorithmic approach, but on my masters, I’ve decided to change to the faculty of Mathematics to try the more formal approach of Machine and Deep Learning to gain wider look at Data Science including Statistics. My thesis about Generating Music using DCGAN become an article that I’ve presented on ICAISC 2019 in Zakopane.

It was always a big motivation and satisfaction for me to share my experience with others. I’ve been a speaker at BEST Engineering Meeting 2018, PyWaw84, PyBCN185 and I’ve organized my own workshop on Machine Learning at MINI faculty at WUT. From 2019 I’m working as a Freelancer mostly on small Machine Learning projects and giving private lessons on Computer Science and Mathematics.

Despite a technical background in most of my team projects, I’ve become a Project Manager. One of the biggest (9 months) was LEAD which was a program that connected students with big corporations. My group has created a solution for a retail recommendation system, where we have used modern ML tools to work with big dataset. Our work was presented to over 30 CEOs, Division Directors and Leaders from the IT industry discussing possible implementation.

My biggest passion and sort of escape from daily routine is Music. I’m a jazz musician from over 9 years with lots of concerts on my account. I’m playing saxophone and piano, composing and arranging my own music in my jazz band.